My Little Morphee-Children’s Meditation Stories

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Product Dimension: 17.5cmx7cmx11cm
Composition: Bamboo handle/Kraft packaging/Recycled paper booklet
Net weight: 250g
Product Description: My Little Morphee helps children fall asleep easily in the evening and stay calm during the day. With no radio waves and no screen, it offers192 soothing stories, guided relaxation exercises and soft music. Designed by children relaxation experts, all the stories include rest and relaxation workshops. My Little Morphee works without a smartphone or mobile app. It is practical with a 3-hour battery life or about 15 stories. It has wooden handle makes it easy for children to hold–meaning they can take it with them in the car, on the train or on holiday.
• Helps children fall asleep quickly and peacefully
• Helps children rediscover their inner calm any time of the day
• Improves their concentration
• Non-digital, wave free and without screen
• Mobile and easy to carry thanks to its wooden handle
• 500,000 children fall asleep peacefully every night with My Little Morphee

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