About Us


My name is Raquel. I’m Portuguese and I’ve lived in the Middle East for the last 10 years. Martim, my son, was my inspiration and the reason why Martin and Ella was born.

Since I was young, I’ve had a special interest in interior design, architecture and arts in general; however it was in psychology that I specialized!

Once I moved to Dubai and became a mother, I took my lingering passion more seriously and entered into the world of children’s brands.

For many years being unable to source these treasures locally, I would obtain the elements I loved from abroad, whenever I travelled home or during my holiday trips. Hence the idea of founding my own company was born. It would bring to the Middle East my choices – brands that excel for their quality and design – and make these readily available to everyone that share the same interests.

Martin and Ella is a multi-brand children’s online store based in Dubai, but with an eye on the Middle Eastern market. We cater for your children’s clothing, toys and decor needs!

It’s our ambition to grow in a sustainable way and for you to see in Martin and Ella all the excellency you can find in the design universe. We are passionate and want to be present when inspiring our clients.

We hope you like our choices as much as we do!

We look forward to hearing from you!