KUMI Canopy Veil + KANO Canopy Holder

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Canopy Veil Dimension: Length 130 cm
Canopy Holder Dimensions: H80 x W30 x D3.5 cm
Canopy Veil Materials: 100% OEKO-TEX & GOTS-certified Organic Cotton
Canopy Holder Materials: Beech Plywood
Product Description: The KUMI Canopy Veil by Charlie Crane will create an even more snug and cozy place for your baby to sleep and will soften any bright light that might disturb their sleep. It’s an essential accessory specially designed for the KUMI crib. This canopy reinforces the reassuring aspect of the KUMI cradle – a veritable cocoon where baby will spend most of his time during the first months of life. Organic Cotton veil is soft and comfortable.
The KANO Canopy Holder is ideal for hanging the KUMI CANOPY fabric bedspreads and the KANO BIRDS wooden swallow mobile. Made from beech plywood, its chic, sleek design will create a soothing atmosphere to complement your baby’s room. You can easily attach it to our KUMI or KIMI cribs for an ever softer cocoon.

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