Stroller Puffed bag-Biscuit

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Dimension: L30cm x W21cm x H11cm
Product Description: Make your life on the road a lot more organized and stylish with trendy buggy organizer. This organizer combines an on trend puffed look with some unique and essential features. On the inside, the organizer has characteristic ‘dotted’ print, which is not only fun to look at, but also practical if you want to find items quickly. Thanks to two storage compartments with elastic at the top you can safely store little bottles and other small items. The two pouch compartments on the outside with the same ‘dotted’ inside add extra storage space. The adjustable strap makes it easy to attach the organizer to the buggy or to bring it with you to the store. Don’t be overwhelmed by messy buggies or bags. With the trendy buggy organizer you will have everything you need within reach and you will also look extremely stylish while you’re outside.

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