Play Tent Big-Daydreamer

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Dimension: 155cm x 186cm
Assembled & Open: Height – 155 cm. The Play Tent has a 5-sided base: each side edge is 115 cm, to create a combined width at its widest (diagonal) of 186 cm. The measurement from the centre of a straight edge to the corner (apex) directly opposite is 177 cm.
Assembled & Closed: Height – 185 cm
Unassembled (folded): approx. 8 cm x 35 cm x 110 cm
Material: 100% Organic Cotton and Solid Wood poles
Product Description: Horizontal, vertical, diagonal, multicoloured or monochrome – stripes are bold, playful and perennial. They bring in brightness and joy. Paired with a space that provides children with fun, safety, seclusion, endless imagination and daydreaming, this is an immediate hit. An item that kids need, not only for the sake of their play, but to use when they need to seclude themselves. Undoubtedly a kid’s room (or your home’s) necessity. Designed and sustainably produced in the EU.
Care: Machine washable. First, remove the wooden support sticks from the Play Tent. Next, machine wash the fabric at 30° C on a moderate spin cycle and then hang to dry.

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