Tripod Stand 2.0-White

AED 1,300.00

Product Dimensions: 76 x 20 x 8.5 cm
Measurements (total): Height: 197 cm
Diameter: 140 cm
Measurements (unassembled): Length: 73 cm
Max. carrying capacity: 28 kg
Product Description: The stylish and simple stand in Scandinavian design fits into any home and is easy to assemble without tools. The stand is developed and designed in Denmark and complies with European safety standards. Stable and secure, it has three legs shaped into slim round profiles with a durable, attractive matt finish. The top is made of solid hardwood to match the cross pin on Moonboon’s organic baby hammock. Included: 1 piece wooden top with a wooden board in solid hardwood , 6 connecting pieces for legs. The stand is fitted with three movable and non-slip feet with rubber coating.

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