Classic Bundle-Cradle + Motor Connect 2.0 + Tripod White

AED 3,999.00

Product Description: With this classic bundle you get a spacious and GOTS-certified cradle with flat base, the gentle swaying movements from rocking motor, and a practical and stylish tripod stand. It’s everything you need to give your baby the gift of more and better sleep, and to give you a chance to rest and recover as a parent.

Featuring clean and modern Scandinavian styling, the cradle has been created by sleep experts in Denmark to offer a safe and calming sleeping habitat for your little one. It can be rocked at your chosen speed and for your chosen length of time thanks to one of our quiet and easy to operate motors. You have the choice between our Motor Original or app-conrolled Motor Connect. Attach both of these to our sturdy Scandinavian-designed tripod stand and you’re ready for any part of your home to be instantly turned into a cosy sleep zone.

This bundle is winner of the German Design Award 2024.

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