Classic Bundle-Baby Hammock + Motor Connect 2.0 + Tripod White

AED 3,650.00

Product Description: Best-selling bundle that gives you everything you need to get your baby sleeping more often with better quality rest, giving you a chance to recharge and be the best parent you can be. Made by sleep experts and exuding clean, classic Scandinavian design, this bundle includes the baby hammock, a quiet Moonboon app-conrolled Motor Connect, and the strong, stable, and versatile tripod stand. It’s everything you need to turn any corner of your home into a dreamland.

Baby Hammock is a soft, cosy, and quiet place for your baby to sleep and is made from safe and high-quality materials such as organic GOTS-certified cotton and naturally hypoallergenic kapok. Quiet motors are developed and safety tested rigorously by Danish Engineers.

Not only will this all-in-one set have your baby getting more of the better quality sleep they need, but it frees up your time to do other things or get some rest for yourself.