Baby Hammock-Stone

AED 950.00

Product Dimension: 460 x 160 x 310 cm
Product Weight: 2.4 kg
Maximum load capacity: New borns until 15 kg
Length: 90 x 35 cm
Product Description: An elegant wooden cross pin made of dark walnut, a mattress filled with kapok, a 100% natural, hypoallergenic fiber, and sides made of soft organic cotton. There is no need for anything else for your child to sleep safely. The Baby Hammock is GOTS certified. Includes: Baby hammock , 1 GOTS certified hammock, 100% organic cotton , 1 GOTS certified mattress, 100% organic kapok, in a 100% organic cotton cover , 1 walnut wood cross pin , 1 spring with a swivel snap hook, safety strap, and cover , 1 safety snap hook with plastic , 2 plastic parts for attaching to the metal mounts of the hammock.
Recommended Age: Suitable for 0 months to 2 years
Care Instruction: The baby hammock can be hand washed at 40 degrees. The kapok mattress cannot be washed in the washing machine – air it outdoors about once a month. Baby hammocks are not suitable for children who can sit or kneel or pull themselves up.
NOTE: Tripod stand and Moonboon motor  2.0 sold separately.

User Manual for Baby Hammock

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