Twin Baby Hammock-Nature

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Product Description: The Twin Baby Hammock provides twins with a gently bouncing and comforting space – for better sleep. It helps synchronise the twins’ sleeping habits. The Twin Baby Hammock mimics the light bouncing movements twins know from the womb. It has been designed in such a way, that it counterbalance itself for when only one child needs to rest.

Many twins find comfort in each other and benefit greatly from sleeping together, which often ensures they sleep better. However, many twins sleep out of synch which can wear out any parent. With the Twin Baby Hammock, the children can rest in the hammock simultaneously or separately according to their sleep habits.

The GOTS-certified organic Twin Baby Hammock is a functional sleep product ensuring better sleep for twins. It provides parents with the chance to rest and restore their energy levels raising twins.

The Twin Baby Hammock has the iconic Moonboon design, is 100% organic cotton and has allergy-friendly and silky soft kapok mattresses. A classic and aesthetically Scandinavian design. Both design, safety and function have been taken into account and for this reason, the Twin Baby Hammock is suitable in every home without taking up too much aesthetic space.

User Manual for Twin Baby Hammock

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