Mounting Kit-Nature

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Product Description: A secure and adjustable mounting kit with a stainless ceiling hook and mounting strap in cotton and nylon strap, for the optimum suspension of your baby hammock or cradle at home. The Moonboon Mounting Kit includes a stainless steel ceiling hook and hard-wearing mounting strap in cotton and nylon, allowing you to securely and safely mount your baby hammock or cradle to wooden ceilings, concrete ceilings, and wooden beams. With adjustable settings, the mounting kit is the perfect way to securely and discreetly install your baby hammock or cradle at home.
1 mounting strap
1 stainless steel ceiling Hook
1 Fischer plug
Weight Load
We recommend that you do not exceed 20kg
Mounting Strap
50 cm long / 2 cm wide
The strap has 6 loops to adjust the length of the strap to fit your needs
Ceiling Hook
106 mm, ø17/ø29 mm
Fischer Plug
8×40 mm
Mounting strap cover
100% GOTS-certified cotton

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