Pacifier Cloth-Spring Garden Duck

AED 87.00

Color: Multicolor
Dimensions: L25cm x W11cm x H5cm
Material: 100% Polyester
Product Description: The pacifier cloth is made of ultra soft fabric, so your baby will be able to cuddle with it. And the fun little shapes make it extra fun to play with. You can easily attach the pacifier cloth to the loop of the pacifier. Attach this fun pacifier cloth to your baby’s pacifier and it will be easy to find. No more endless searches for the pacifier in the playpen, the bed or the stroller. No more hassle at night with all the lights on, both you and your baby wide awake while you look for that little pacifier. Thanks to the pacifier cloth, you will simply grab the pacifier from the corner of the bed with one hand, and your baby can sleep on. As soon as your child is a little bigger and able to grab and search themselves, they will also be able to find it. So you will be able to stay on the couch or in bed a little longer.These items will stimulate the senses of your little one and provide hours of entertainment for your baby. You can use these fun baby toys in the stroller, in the playpen, in the carseat or in the buggy. Perfect for at home and on a trip. The toys depict all kinds of things that you can spot in the park. Such as a little flower, a duck, a bee and a ladybug. Your little one will have fun discovering all of them.
Safe Choice: A pacifier cloth is safe to use. A pacifier cloth is not attached to the clothes, so it is a 100% safe cuddly toy.
Washing Instruction: For handwash.

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