KOKO Cardboards DIY Rainbow – Organic

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Color: Multicolor
Product Description: A delightful brand that sets out to remind us of the value in time spent “unplugged” and enjoying the simplicity of time spent in the moment with our friends and family members. Its easy to forget the wonder that lies in something so simple, and easy to believe we dont have the time. These complete DIY sets make it oh so easy!
Choose from a variety of themes – toys, decor items, roleplay and more. These DIY sets make the most wonderful gifts, party favours and ready made party activities.
Each DIY Rainbow set comes with:
1 x Cardboard Base,
Coloured Crepe,
Wool for tassle making,
Cardboard threading needle,
Note: You will need to add just scissors and a glue stick. Add your own personality by colouring, accesorising and personalising as you go.

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