Morphee-Adult and Older Kids Sleep Aid and Meditation Box

AED 450.00

Product Dimension: 10cmx10cmx6.8cm
Material: Wooden Beech Case
Net weight: 230g
Product Description: Morphee helps you fall asleep easily and quickly so you can enjoy a deep, restorative night’s rest. This screen less, radio-wave-free meditation box is designed for anyone who has trouble falling asleep, wakes up at night or suffers from insomnia. Morphee features 210 guided session combinations conducted by a team of relaxation and sleep experts. You can listen to the sessions in the evening when you go to bed or when you wake up during the night. They vastly improve the quality of sleep. Morphee is non-digital with no need for a smartphone, Bluetooth or wifi. The device has a battery life of 3 hours 30 min in listening mode, and can also be plugged in. Morphee works on battery (autonomy of 3h30 of listening).
• Fall asleep easily and quickly
• 100% disconnected, without waves or screens
• Generates deep, restorative sleep
• Easy to carry thanks to its wooden case
• Prescribed by over 1,500 health professionals
• Morphee helps over 500,000people fall sleep

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