The Best Heirloom Toys That Will Live on For Generations

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When we look back on our childhood, there was always a toy or two that was our favourite. So much so that we’ve held onto it in our later lives in the hopes of seeing our children cherish the toy we used to love. Having an heirloom toy can be a wonderful thing to have in the family as it is passed from generation to generation.

One of the best things about heirloom toys is their sturdy build. After it’s racked up four decades of playtime, it can look a bit worse for wear. In addition, these toys can look dated. At Martin and Ella, we strive to offer a range of high-end, high-quality and classic toys. Most of the toys we hand-pick use durable materials such as wood to stand the test of time and allow child after child to appreciate a beloved heirloom.

If you’re a parent looking to buy your child’s next toy, maybe for Christmas or a birthday gift, you are in the right place. Offering toys with a vintage yet timeless look to them, you’ll find a piece or two from our curated collection of toys to become the newest family heirloom.

One of our favourites is Maileg House of Miniature Dollhouse. Perfect for children aged three and up, this wooden dollhouse is a classic. This dollhouse is bound to excite the imagination of child after child by offering a timeless feel.

Heirloom toys are a wonderful thing to have in the family, and not many might have one. They earn their rightful place within the family by creating bonds and connections with older and younger generations.

Our list of heirloom favourites continues with our cuddlier collection, such as the Maileg mouse and Maileg bunny. Suitable for younger children, these little stuffed animals are made from cotton and linen. Both machine washable, the toys are durable and ready for anything that comes their way. Toys easily collect dust, but with these cuddle creatures being washable, they’ll be ready for the next family addition to enjoying in no time.

Alongside our other wooden toy favourites, the magic wand is the perfect choice for all the magical moments of any child. Wooden toys are known to last for a very long time while featuring many advantages for your child’s development. Wooden toys encourage social interaction and stimulate the brain while offering educational value at the same time. Even better, they are much safer than plastic toys, featuring non-toxic chemicals. And the cherry on top, they’re eco-friendly and recyclable – but since these will be an heirloom, you won’t have to worry about the latter.

Every family has an heirloom baby doll. Our range of hand-crafted baby dolls alongside accessories will fill that empty heirloom hole. Our curated dolls are made of vinyl and are long-lasting to endure child after child practice conventional and not so conventional (throwing) ways of caring for it.

Martin and Ella want to see our sustainable toys live on forever in your wonderful family. Let us help you create long-lasting memories through our authentic heirloom toys.