How to Create the Perfect Gender-Neutral Nursery/Room

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Many new parents are leaning towards creating a gender-neutral room/nursery for their children to grow and develop. But what does gender-neutral mean? A trend on the rise, a gender-neutral nursery is a space that doesn’t fall to preconceived ideas of a child’s gender, e.g. pink/flowers for girls, cars for boys. There are many benefits to having such a space. The main advantage is that it allows your child to develop their style and preferences. This means you can slowly incorporate their personality into the décor as they grow.

Designing a nursery can be a daunting task, so we’ve rounded up the essential tips to help you create the gender-neutral room you aspire to create.

The focal point of any nursery is the crib. When looking for the perfect crib for a gender-neutral room, you’re not only looking at the design but also safety. The Evolutive Crib is an excellent choice for those looking to create a gender-neutral environment for their child’s room. This crib is made from solid American oak wood in a matte finish, ensuring a timeless and elegant design. Kept to its natural wooden finish, the crib’s design has no specific gender connotations, making it the perfect purchase for a nursery.

Every crib needs its soft furnishes to amplify the décor of your child’s room. Find a plethora of quilts and blankets to tailor the crib for every child and season. Reversible, floral, checked and monochromatic – take your pick from many designs to suit a gender-neutral nursery. Deep earthy tones bring the outdoors in. These details work pretty well to introduce colour into your child’s life without dominating colours to spur traditional gender identities.

Wall décor not only helps bring a nursery space to life but stimulates your child’s mind. Take your pick from a range of colourful, interactive, intriguing and sensory wall décor items. Our favourites are the Alphabeth Lamp, the Lion Crochet Wall decor, the Cat head, the Ice cream mirror and the Alphabeth spaghetti kid poster.

When creating a gender-neutral space, it can be challenging to find the right toys. For the final touch, add toys that allow your child to cherish and develop from. Inspired by the Evolutive Crib, choose baby bouncers and play gyms that adopt a light and soft wood to fit in the room’s decoration perfectly. Rounded edges add a smooth finish to each design whilst making it impeccably safe for your child. Neutral and calm colours fulfil the gender-neutral brief and transform them into classic pieces.

Creating a gender-neutral nursery/child’s room is a modern approach to your child’s development. There are many aspects of a room décor to consider when making such, and we hope our top picks will help you discover the perfect products for your nursery.