The Importance of Artwork on a Children’s Room Wall

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When crafting a space for your children, you want to build a room that is inviting, pleasant, and full of good energy. A great way to do this is by hanging artwork on the wall! Aside from the furniture and paint job, artwork is a fundamental way to decorate your child’s space to encourage their mind. 

At the same time, you want to be careful to choose decorations that will promote peace, growth, and creativity. They must also be easy for your child to interpret or enhance with their imagination – in other words, it should be artwork made specifically for kids! As we continue, here are some reasons to consider the importance of artwork on a children’s room wall, as well as some prime examples of what to look for!

Artwork turns the room into a pleasant space

This is a huge reason to use artwork when decorating your child’s space. Whether they are sleeping, relaxing, or playing in this room, you want it to be pleasant and inviting. This helps with development and makes them excited to return to their room! A nice space can encourage calmness and a relaxed feeling; this is something every parent knows is essential!

This charming poster called “Peace Bird” is a prime example of artwork that transforms a room into a welcoming and relaxing space. The muted colours are still cheerful without drawing too much attention, and the white peace bird is a beautiful symbol of relaxation even for a child. This style of artwork would be perfect for naptime and playtime alike!

It fills out empty walls and pulls the room together

This may seem less symbolic, but artwork also helps fill out dull and empty walls. Imagine that you’ve gone through and picked out the perfect colour for the room and painstakingly painted every inch – won’t it still seem empty without a single decoration? Artwork is great for analysis and imagination, but it is also something pleasant to look at that anyone can enjoy.

The artwork you pick can be specifically tailored to the overall feeling you want the room to have. If you create the perfect nap room, then artwork of clouds, calm animals, and other relaxing imagery would be excellent. On the other hand, if you want to make a playroom, you could choose louder or more colourful artwork. The choice is yours!

Artwork promotes imagination and creativity

Creative children are a wonder! Watching your child build their imagination and learn to create is a proud moment for any parent, and choosing the suitable artwork can help nurture that skill. Colourful images and pictures that could be interpreted in many different ways are great tools to help foster your child’s creative expression.

A good example is this beautiful poster called “Ana”. The poster is simple, depicting a girl with yellow hair against a purple and blue background, but you may find that it is a beautiful tool in helping your child to build their creative skills. If your child is old enough, you could consider asking them about the girl in the poster and what they think she is feeling. Who is Ana? What is she doing?

These questions can encourage your child to think creatively and use their imagination to craft stories. Artwork that depicts familiar things (such as animals, toys, and other children) can be a good tool for creativity and imagination conversations.

It can allow your child to explore their feelings and emotions

Children often have difficulty expressing their inner emotions and current feelings. Finding the right words can be challenging, so artwork is a great avenue to explore those feelings nonverbally. Whether your child creates their own artwork or uses an already-made piece to express themselves, they are learning to identify their feelings and understand them.

Consider this “9 Moods” poster, which depicts nine different faces going through a variety of emotions. At first glance, this poster is simply a cute piece of wall decor. However, it is also a great venue to help your child understand emotions! You can go over the faces together and decide for yourself what they are feeling, or you can ask your child to point to the face that they find themselves connecting with.

Artwork can depict complicated emotions; children’s artwork is no exception! You’ll find that the proper decorative works can be a great tool to aid your child in learning more about emotions.

It can help your child become more sensitive to artwork

A good appreciation for artwork can take you far in life, and it is important to help your children become more sensitive to artwork in general. It may seem early, but the artwork that decorates their room is a great way to begin their education! Appreciation and an open conversation about what artwork expresses or conveys can help your child become more sensitive to artwork and build their vocabulary and ability to express themselves.

For example, the artwork links we have included can be easily used in conversation with your child to build their understanding and love for art. With quality artwork and your own encouragement, you can raise your child to understand and appreciate artwork from an early age.

The Importance of Growing with Art

Hopefully, these reasons have conveyed the sheer importance of having artwork on the walls of your children’s room! The example artwork we have included are great places to start and can hang on the walls of any room and turn it into a pleasant space. Including artwork in your walls is about more than just decorating the space; when your child grows with artwork, there is so much potential!

Use your chosen artwork to build a beautiful space for your child to relax and play. Within this space, you and your child can talk about the artwork and the feelings that they inspire.